Keeping Your Kitchen Appliances in Good Working Order

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Christmas Fire Safety Tips

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The month of December sure can be cosy with all those twinkling little lights and bright candles that we like to use to cheer up our homes in this long, dark season. Unfortunately, dangling wires and unattended candles are just accidents waiting to happen. Here is how to stay safe in your home this holiday season. Christmas Lights Safety It is tempting to overload power sockets at this time of the year. Read More»

Tips for Keeping Overlocker Repairs at Bay

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Whether you want to take on sewing full time or if you would like to dabble in it as a hobby, it is crucial to ensure that your machine is getting the right care and maintenance. When your overlocker is neglected, you will find that sewing becomes a cumbersome task as needles keep breaking, stitches keep skipping, and your fabric is ruined every single time you attempt to make something. However, some people may assume that if they only use their sewing machine a few times, it will not require additional attention. Read More»

How to Take Care of Your Refrigerated Display Cabinet

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Refrigerated cake display cabinets are very common in bakeries and supermarkets because most cakes and pastries are made of cream and other perishables that can go bad very fast. To keep the food display cabinets looking good and working properly, one has to take care of the unit. Let us look at five cleaning tips to keep your refrigerated cabinet as good as new; Avoid Pouring Water One may be tempted to pour water inside the cabinet if there are cakes and food particles stuck on the surface. Read More»

How to Keep Your Dishwasher Clean and Running Well

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Your dishwasher is one of the most important appliances in your home. Chances are it gets a lot of use, and you want to make sure it keeps running for many years to come. Repairing a broken dishwasher can be difficult and will most probably require a professional that specialises in dishwasher repairs. It is better to maintain your dishwasher properly and extend its life as long as possible. One of the simplest ways to maintain your dishwasher and keep it clean is simply to run it regularly. Read More»

How often do I need to get my la marzocco coffee machine serviced?

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If you run a cafe that prides itself on high end coffee one of the most important assets of your business is your coffee machine. It is important to get your machine regularly serviced in order to keep it well and maintain your coffee quality. How do you know if it is time to get your la marzocco coffee machine serviced. Here are some tips.  Check the service manual For most high end machines, including la marzocco cafe machines, servicing should obey a schedule that depends both on time between service and the number of coffees that you produce. Read More»