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Why You Need Fire Equipment In Your Home

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Fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire sprinklers and other fire equipment are basic items that you should have in your home. Even older homes can be retrofitted to include a sprinkler system that can sense when there's a fire that's gotten out of hand. (In other words, simply turning on a gas stove won't set off a sprinkler.) This equipment is, other than the sprinkler system, easy to add to your home – and you should have it if at all possible.

Smaller Fires

Having a fire blanket and fire extinguisher helps you put out smaller fires, such as from the stove or from a candle when the fire starts in front of you. You'll still want to call the fire service to check that the fire is completely out; fires can look like they've been extinguished but still smoulder for a while. (This smouldering can potentially reignite.) But if you're able to stop the flames and spread at least at first, and then have the fire service take care of anything left, you can save your home and your family. And a fire sprinkler system is even better as it can help extinguish fires that start without you knowing.

Buying You Time

Even if the fire is too big for you to put out, having a fire blanket or extinguisher lets you get you and your family out of your home. You can use these to keep your immediate path safer so you have a better chance of getting out. The few seconds you can gain by fending off the fire as you leave are invaluable.

Insurance Benefits

It varies by company, but your home insurance policy may offer extra benefits (mainly a reduction in premium amounts) if you have fire safety equipment in your home. When you have these items, the risk of a fire destroying your home is reduced greatly — something that insurance companies love to see. It not only keeps you safe but reduces the risk that they'll have to pay out, so they want you to have fire safety equipment. You also help protect your neighbours if you can contain fires in your home through the use of this equipment.

Fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems do need to be maintained, and calling appliance services that specialise in keeping extinguishers charged and sprinkler systems ready to go can help keep everything safe to use. Contact these companies to set up appointments for service.