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How to Troubleshoot Issues with Your Washing Machine on a Typically Busy Day

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There's a reason why the washing machine is classified as a utilitarian device and designed for a specific purpose – it's there to save you time. Consequently, you may get even more hot and bothered if your particular machine is not working properly and preventing you from doing other crucial work. Before you lose your cool completely, however, you may be able to rectify the issue so that it doesn't happen any more in the future. Where should you start?

Vibration and Poor Performance

It can be tempting to throw every item of soiled clothing into one big load, close the lid and let it run. Surely, this will save time and make your day far more efficient? Unfortunately, this can lead to other problems due to poor distribution. Sometimes, the machine may appear to take on a mind of its own and try to walk out of the utility room by itself. If it doesn't vibrate uncontrollably in this manner, it may fail to complete a spin cycle and leave your clothing in a soaking wet condition.

Get into the habit of placing all items into the tub carefully so that they are evenly balanced throughout. You'll find that the machine will work correctly and will also take much less time to go through each cycle, as it is not having to work excessively to achieve the same objective.

Unexplained Stoppages

You may find that the machine switches off in the middle of a cycle and will stubbornly refuse to reactivate. This could be as simple as a blockage in the cold water supply and may be the result of a kinked hose. Pull the machine away from the wall to make sure that the hose is not restricted and to make sure that the cool water supply is actually switched on.

Avoiding Leaks

Sometimes, a machine will leak. This can be caused by it being out of balance. A washing machine has to be level all round, and this may require the feet to be adjusted. If your machine is still acting up, however, make sure that the hoses are all correctly fitted and that the outlet, in particular, is unblocked.

Being Proactive

Most machines will run for many months or even years without any issues, but it's nevertheless a good idea to schedule a service if it's been some time since you last did so. This can often prevent any problems down the road and may just save your sanity on a busy washday!