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How often do I need to get my la marzocco coffee machine serviced?

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If you run a cafe that prides itself on high end coffee one of the most important assets of your business is your coffee machine. It is important to get your machine regularly serviced in order to keep it well and maintain your coffee quality. How do you know if it is time to get your la marzocco coffee machine serviced. Here are some tips. 

Check the service manual

For most high end machines, including la marzocco cafe machines, servicing should obey a schedule that depends both on time between service and the number of coffees that you produce. Coffee machines with a high throughput will require more regular servicing including descaling water tanks and piping, replacing water anodes and resharpening burrs on coffee grinders. If you have lost the manual, most manuals are available online or can be reordered through the company that you had purchased the coffee machine from. 

Keep an eye on coffee quality

Another important aspect to deciding when to service the machine is to monitor the quality of your coffee. If the coffee machine is not working properly the coffee will tend to take on an unusual taste. The milk froth may also not appropriately form. It is a good idea for the staff to regularly consume your home coffee and to try a coffee before each shift start, so that they can identify any issues early on, hopefully before the issues are obvious to the average coffee consumer. 

Plan servicing around your peak times

It is also a smart idea to think about the times that your coffee machine will be working harder than normal. Many coffee machines experiences peaks in usuage in December (as people burn the candle at both ends with festive parties) and January where many people have to head back to work after vacations. These times can often be too busy to service a coffee machine in a busy cafe but is also a bad time to risk an unexpected breakdown or loss in coffee quality. As a result it is sensible to bring forward a service if it is due during one of these peak times, so that you can ensure that your coffee remains at a higher quality when you need it. 

If your business is coffee then you can not ignore the importance of servicing your coffee machine. Contact your local coffee machine supply to learn more.