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How to Take Care of Your Refrigerated Display Cabinet

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Refrigerated cake display cabinets are very common in bakeries and supermarkets because most cakes and pastries are made of cream and other perishables that can go bad very fast. To keep the food display cabinets looking good and working properly, one has to take care of the unit. Let us look at five cleaning tips to keep your refrigerated cabinet as good as new;

Avoid Pouring Water

One may be tempted to pour water inside the cabinet if there are cakes and food particles stuck on the surface. However, a refrigerated cabinet uses power and water is a big enemy of electricity. Instead of using water, take a slightly moist cloth and wipe until the surfaces are spotless. If you have to clean the cabinets and drawers thoroughly, it is better to bring them out of the refrigerator to clean and make sure they are dry before putting them back.

Clean the Compressor

Most people clean the inside of the display cabinets and forget the back part. If enough dust and debris accumulate on the condenser fins, the entire system will stop cooling and become useless. Remove the covering to check the condenser fins every once in a while and use a vacuum or a brush to dust them off. If there is too much dust stuck on the fins, use compressed air to blow it all away before putting back the covering.

Keep Away Chemicals

Using detergents, bleaches, and scourers seem like a smart thing to ensure the cabinet, and in particular, the mirror is spotless. Unfortunately, these chemicals corrode the surface because they are aggressive and leave your display looking dull and whitish. The best thing is to use a wet cloth with clean water, but if you must, you can use a little mild soap to remove the oils.

Don't Use Hot Water

Hot water is great for cleaning surfaces with oil and also killing germs. However, you should never use hot water to clean a refrigerated display cabinet because the change in temperature may cause the mirror to crack or discolor.

Keep the Load at a Minimum

If you place too many cakes and go beyond the capacity of the display unit, the performance will be affected sooner than later. Always keep the load limit in mind and know that fewer cakes look even better on display than lots of them.

Proper maintenance of the refrigerated cabinet will keep your produce fresh and your electric bill low. A malfunctioning unit can affect your business, so it's better to prevent than to repair.